David Maslanka Foundation

The David Maslanka Foundation is dedicated to promoting the understanding of David Maslanka’s life and work.  

The preservation mission will be fulfilled through the Maslanka Collection. It will consist of his musical scores, sketches, recordings, notes, journals, instruments, artwork, and personal effects, among other items. His Montana studio will house these materials and serve as a reading room. The Archive will be cataloged and digitized. There will be an ongoing acquisition of all items associated with Maslanka’s life and work to be included in the collection.

The Foundation supports performance and research into Maslanka’s works in two ways. The outreach mission consists of providing digital and physical access to the Maslanka Collection, and publishing the musical works and artwork controlled by Maslanka Press.

Your tax-deductible charitable donation will help to bring David Maslanka’s extraordinary music to the world. The David Maslanka Foundation is a 501(c)3 (pending) charitable organization.

Discover his music at davidmaslanka.com

Get in touch: info@maslanka.org